GET SAFE® Movement for Change with Stuart Haskin

Join host Stuart Haskin as he speaks with guests who share experiences that illustrate the mindset that we celebrate as #CHANGEMAKERS. Whether it be a culturally relevant issue, workplace related topic, relationship situation, or simply a story of how one broke through mental barriers to find personal freedom, Stuart’s light-hearted and engaging thirst for knowledge makes for a show not only entertaining, but educational as well.

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Sunday May 08, 2022

Erica Gaines of the Controlling The Mind & The Machine podcast interviews Stuart Haskin of GET SAFE®. Topics include safety education, de-escalation, and effective communication between law enforcement and the community.
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Friday Sep 03, 2021

Brad Young, law enforcement and military outreach professional, speaks of his experience serving the public and past incidents with persons suffering mental health issues.
Topics include:• How can isolation impact well-being?• What is the value in counseling and shifts-on-perspectives of traumatic events?• How can a mindset affect the safety and health of those in public service?

Tuesday Aug 17, 2021

Leadership and Organizational Development expert Kyle Chavez speaks to improving team effectiveness and how to influence "change" to increase a teams performance. Stuart mines for insight from Kyle's experience in NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and fortune 100 companies.
Topics include:
How can we reframe problems?
How can we analyze team behaviors to grow your company?
How can we define successes that build team strengths?

Tuesday Aug 17, 2021

Jack and Lola Gershfeld guide Stuart Haskin into the depths of effective communication and mental-health practices that build and maintain healthy relationships. Stuart learns how managing unhealthy thought patterns, practicing empathy in emotionally sensitive scenarios, and productively investing in your own mental health, can positively change your mindset to develop better communication and optimize relations.

Tuesday Aug 17, 2021

GET SAFE® in-field expert, Dave Monderine, provides a first-hand account on the issue of bullying behavior found in the social settings of America's youth.
Topics include:
How prominent is bullying behavior?
Where does the issue stem from?
How can parents respond to these concerns for their children?

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